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We provide support for a child's emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development. Through our Parents' Club, we invite our wonderful parents to network, ask questions and participate in special activities in a safe and moderated environment. We also gather and publish professional information for specialists, work with schools, kindergartens, local authorities and provide lectures and KT (knowledge-transfer) sessions in our events.

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Welcome to our site!
Most of it will be in Latvian, but here is a short synopsis about us.

Current Projects

Annual Christmas project/ Ziemassvētku kopā būšanas svētki!

For the last 9 years, Brinummaja and The Youth Organization of Cesis collaborate to bring something extra special around Christmas time. We invite the entrepreneurs and individuals alike to participate and prepare a small gift for one of the 100 children. 

This event normally takes place every year at the end of December, early January. It's filled with fun, games, songs, gifts, tasks and laughter. See our facebook page for images from previous events and don't forget to get involved yourself!


Study with ease!/ Lai mācīties ir vieglāk!

In this project, we raise money for children with diagnosed learning, speech, or language disabilities. The project aims to collect 4600EUR or full 1-to-1 support session cycles for 10 children aged 5 to 8 years old, with the diagnosed condition. The project doesn't cover children with disabilities who are involved in a state-sponsored project.


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From my toy box to yours!

We launched a super fun initiative to support early diagnostics for children aged 0 to 3. This is now an annual event, in 2024 it took place together with our BackYard Summer Festival. We ask our followers and their friends to review the contents of their children's toy boxes and bookshelves and donate books, toys, games, and kids' furniture for the charity sale. The proceeds go towards diagnostics.

You too can help us to do more good things!